Scumble Pie – (Sweet Grass & Noxious Poppies Update)

I was thinking about the Gumby Movie this morning. There’s this musical number at the end of the film–Gumby has this girlfriend, she’s made out of blue clay–which makes sense because he’s green. Anyway, the refrain goes “Take me away, O Gumby! You do something to my chemistry!” This is really special to me, and I can hardly explain why. I guess that I forget that it exists for long periods of time, and when I remember, it’s always a treat, because it’s like, y’know, take me awa-a-a-ay, O GUMBY! You would be like “Is that Journey? Boston?” And I would say “No. Gumby.”

So I’ve been working on my novel, it’s currently eight chapters strong. Of these eight chapters, seven of them are really solid. The one that needs the most work is Chapter 7. Seven is a lucky number, so this post might be blessed (and if so, may reading it endow you with a full week of good luck). I like to spend a lot of time and energy on my chapters, so it’s hard for me to leave one in a super rough state. At the same time, I know that by pressing on and developing certain other aspects of the story, I will know what to do with it at exactly the right time.

Chapter 9 seems daunting too. If you’ve read my short, On Music, Dreams, and the Writing of a New Novel, then you will know that I have a twenty-page outline for Sweet Grass & Noxious Poppies. Well for this chapter, I’m going off-script a little bit. There’s this character, who originally served as more of a punchline, that I am now wanting to endow with more purpose. I am wondering if they can take on this mantle, and add something more to this psychological stew of words, or if I’m ruining other things that I had set up. Well, I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise, and whatever I decide ultimately, I hope that it will excite and entertain.

“Scumble” refers to a technique which artists use to dull colors or lines (in painting or drawing). I guess that this post is really just a slice of scumble pie, making things less clear instead of more. All I have to offer are vague indications of what I’m doing and meditations on the Gumby Movie. I will reveal more in do time (without spoilers).

Until next time, thanks for reading.


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