Category: Reflections

  • 2022 Update!

    Woah! It’s another new year…! Actually, it’s March, much too late to wish you a “Happy New Year”. My life has changed in many amazing ways, and I’ve been up to some cool stuff. New Look… I spent the last two weeks making some long overdue changes to the website. The “About” page has been […]

  • Hymn to Orange

    Of the many colors that appear to the naked eye, orange is my favorite. This son of Red and Yellow is a possessor of fierce intent, whose domain lay, not in distant places, but in distance itself. For starters, there is a well-known fruit, who shares in the name of our bright and exuberant friend—describing […]

  • Another Sweet Grass and Noxious Poppies Update

    In other news, it has been almost a full year since I gave an update on the progress of my novel. This is because, frankly, I’ve been so absorbed with writing it, and so busy with college, that I haven’t really had any time to reflect. Last year, I was struggling to get past chapter […]

  • Scumble Pie – (Sweet Grass & Noxious Poppies Update)

    I was thinking about the Gumby Movie this morning. There’s this musical number at the end of the film–Gumby has this girlfriend, she’s made out of blue clay–which makes sense because he’s green. Anyway, the refrain goes “Take me away, O Gumby! You do something to my chemistry!” This is really special to me, and […]