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  • Erasmus Ghoul, The Bones of Akusilaus, Brant Ilyavich, and Other Vignettes…

    Now that I have you here, I will ask you a question, and you should attempt to answer truthfully… First, what is your favorite word? And are you happy? Are you happy when you write? What Are Your Happiest Writing Memories? In terms of happy writing memories, I have none specifically, though I am often […]

  • Le Grand Alexandnoir

    Sucking on the leftover ice of an end-of-the-day brandy, I sat at my desk, ignoring the Kabbalist, Confucian, and Ancient Greek assignments laid out before me (for the time being). Years of academe had brought me more questions than answers. The one vexing me then seemed greater than the others, so to say. It was […]