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  • New Project: The Rondout Chronicles (with a small SG&NP update)

    Despite everything that happened last year, I managed to graduate with a BA in classics and religious studies. What a boon! It was an arduous final semester–one in which I was not able to work much on Sweet Grass and Noxious Poppies, which now sits at chapter 22 (I had reached 20 last year). Despite […]

  • Scumble Pie – (Sweet Grass & Noxious Poppies Update)

    I was thinking about the Gumby Movie this morning. There’s this musical number at the end of the film–Gumby has this girlfriend, she’s made out of blue clay–which makes sense because he’s green. Anyway, the refrain goes “Take me away, O Gumby! You do something to my chemistry!” This is really special to me, and […]